Optical Dispenser Shield (polycarbonate)
Optical Dispenser Shield (polycarbonate)

Optical Dispenser Shield (polycarbonate)

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Designed by Optometrist's our plastic shields provide protection for opticians and clients. With its specifically designed narrower center, this guard allows the dispenser to easily reach around measuring and adjusting frames.

Each unit is shipped with rubber feet to provide easy storage when not in use or out of the way when speaking with the customer. For a more permanent use the rubber feet can be removed and fastened down (fasteners not included). 

Poly-carbonate is a tough, transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. Poly-carbonate's optical clarity makes it ideal for applications such as sneeze guards or shields. Unlike Acrylics, poly-carbonate materials are able to be cleaned with most chemicals without the chance of hazing.